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APOGEE Launch Monitor

by TruGolf
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Original price $11,495.00
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APOGEE — State-of-the-Art Launch Monitor & Intelligent Dashboard

For every swing taken, APOGEE measures multiple data points from both the Ball and Club. In-game ball flight is always based on real, measured data. APOGEE gathers shot data with a proprietary ultra-highspeed stereoscopic camera system and the all-new INSTANT IMPACT image analysis algorithm. The INSTANT IMPACT program measures information from both Club and Ball, and simulates on-screen shots with no lag or delay.

APOGEE is the most technologically advanced Launch Monitor ever built. This ceiling mounted, camera based system accurately measures multiple data points from both club and ball, and unlocks a richly detailed simulation experience to help you improve (and enjoy) your game, year round:

  • Rich club and ball data — For every swing taken, APOGEE measures multiple data points from both the Ball and Club. In-game ball flight is always based on real, measured data. Review your Distances and Dispersion Cones for every club in the bag after each session. Data points measured include:
    • Ball Speed
    • Back Spin
    • Side Spin
    • Vertical Launch Angle
    • Horizontal Launch Direction
    • Club Head Speed
    • Club Face Angle
    • Club Path
  • See every shot in detailed slow-motion — Users can review every shot with APOGEE’s Point of Impact interface. Point of Impact provides a slow-motion, video playback of the club’s action through the ball.
  • APOGEE Intelligent Dashboard — sold standard with the APOGEE Intelligent Dashboard, a diagnostic software that automatically calibrates, updates, and maintains your device.
  • APOGEE Voice Assistant — Meet your newest caddie - the APOGEE Voice Assistant. Using your voice to control your golf simulator means less time on the computer – getting you through virtual rounds faster. Users can ask APOGEE to give a flyby of the hole, aim left or right, and even change clubs for unmatched convenience
  • Instant Impact — the Instant Impact image analysis algorithm, APOGEE’s newest technological breakthrough, allows APOGEE to send shot data faster. The result is the most authentic indoor golf experience available, simulating on-screen shots with no lag or delay.
  • Laser Launch Pad — shows users where to place the ball and switches off when locked on to its target – minimizing frustrating do-overs and uncaptured shots.
  • Use your own equipment — play without the need for specialty balls or marked clubs.

E6 CONNECT — the Industry Standard in Golf Simulator Software

All TruGolf Max Simulators come with a complimentary 1-year subscription to E6 CONNECT (Expanded Subscription)

E6 Connect Simulator Software

The MAX Series simulators come equipped with E6 Connect — the highest quality, most lifelike, customizable golf simulator ever created. Complete with professional tools and online statistic tracking, E6 CONNECT is the perfect tool for your home simulator setup. 

Packed with a rich assortment of features, it offers the ultimate virtual driving range, a practice area, and exciting contest modes to sharpen your skills. Moreover, with a vast library encompassing over 90 legendary golf courses, you have endless possibilities to enhance your simulator experience. Don't miss the chance to explore our wide array of online competition options. 

E6 Connect — Play with Golfers Around the World!

With E6 Connect you can enter the realm of cloud-based play where you can connect and play against golfers around the globe. The options are nearly limitless and include private peer-to-peer matches, quick competitions as well as custom and global tournaments. Play entertaining games at home with golfers of all ages and skill levels.

More Realistic Than Ever

This amazingly real and customizable golf software has 4k graphics, enhanced physics, in addition to accurate and comprehensive ball flight data. The first-rate golf course library inside of E6 has been entirely redesigned so E6 Connect has many of the same courses as E6 but with improved graphics and now in 4K.

Improve Your Game and Enjoy Every Minute of It!

The software incorporates knowledge and lessons from Mike Malaska, former PGA Teacher of the Year, so you can work on your game while having a blast. Practice on the dynamic driving range with engaging skill challenges and switch to a real match when you are ready.

Great for Indoor Facilities and Golf Clubs

Commercial locations and golf clubs can use E6 Connect to help encourage the growth of their leagues. Plus online events provide a draw to bring in players all year round. Golf pros can also utilize the deep features to provide fully interactive lessons.

Flexible Gameplay Settings

Adjust variables to create your ideal game setup:

  • Mulligans
  • Length of Gimmies (or On/Off)
  • Pin Positions (18 per each green)
  • Terrain Penalties
  • Wind direction, speed and more
  • Adjust Elevation
  • Stimp Rating (accurate green speeds to help your putting feel)
  • And more!

What’s Included

TruGolf Max — Standard Package Includes:

  • APOGEE Launch Monitor
  • MAX Frame + Enclosure
  • Impact Screen
  • 5x12 Tee-Box
  • First Cut Turf Floor
  • Side Nets
  • Projector (1080p)

Optional Add-On Packages:

  • Technology Package:
    • Gaming PC
    • Touch Screen Monitor
  • 4K Package:
    • 4K Projector (instead of 1080p)
    • 4K Gaming PC
    • Monitor

Setup & Dimensions

Work on your game with a set-up designed to elevate your space.

Seamless DIY Installation

The TruGolf MAX was designed to be impressive but easy to set up, without the need for professional installation.

If you would like to arrange for professional installation, please contact us at +1(253)-465-4653 to review available options.

Space Requirements: 

Recommended minimum dimensions: 15’W x 20’D x 10’H

This space accommodates for the full swing and follow-through of most golfers, allows for sufficient space to install your system, and gives multiple players enough space to be in the room at once.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Info:

TruGolf MAX Simulator’s are shipped approximately 2 weeks from the date of your order. International shipping is not available.


Feel confident with our 30-Day Money Back Return Policy. To return the system, ensure it is in its original packaging and looks new. Note: return shipping fees are the customer's responsibility, and all return inquiries should be directed to TruGolf’s Customer Support.


Can you putt on your systems?

Our systems measure putting at true distance. The sensors track the putt from moment of impact and track the club head to give the truest putt on the market.

What are the power requirements of the simulator?

All simulators draw 3-4 Amps, and need one 15A 125V duplex receptacle (except Custom installs).

Is there any pre-wiring that needs to be done prior to the installation?


Can I use my own computer/projector/screen (peripherals)?

This depends on the simulator you buy. Our computers require certain hardware configurations and contain proprietary tracking hardware. We custom build our computers with the latest Intel Processors and NVIDIA chipset Graphics card. Often we can integrate the current equipment that you own into one of our simulators, but its best to check with our minimum requirements and contact us.

What is the lifespan of hitting screen/hitting mat/projector bulb?

The golf hitting mat is very durable and its life depends on use. Most hitting mats in residential settings last 2 years or longer. The golf screen is very durable but will break down over time with use. Use clean golf balls that have not been scratched or marred. The golf screen will last a year or two with normal residential use and approximately 12 months to 18 months with heavy commercial use. Club Head Sensors - Minimal upkeep is required for our golf simulator. Since our system uses club head tracking technology, the club head sensors in the hitting mat must remain clear. Simply vacuum any debris from the sensor holes every so often. Projector – The projector bulb will need to be replaced occasionally.

Can you use the simulators outside?

No. Trugolf’s Trutrac sensors require undisturbed lighting, and are not recommended for outside use.

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